Kate Chopin, born Katherine O’Flaherty (February 8, 1850 — August 22, 1904), was an American author of short stories and novels. She is now considered by some to have been a forerunner of feminist authors of the 20th century.

Within a decade of her death, Chopin was widely recognised as one of the leading writers of her time. In 1915, Fred Lewis Pattee wrote, “some of [Chopin’s] work is equal to the best that has been produced in France or even in America. [She displayed] what may be described as a native aptitude for narration amounting almost to genius.”

Some interesting articles we’ve found…

The Guardian on her short (and probably most famous) story ‘The Awakening’

The New York Times review of ‘The Joy That Kills’ – a 1985 TV adaptation of our November read ‘The Story of an Hour’

‘Five Stories of an Hour’ – a 27min programme consisting of five different versions of ‘The Story of an Hour’ – including a reading of the story by Zoe Wanamaker

See you on Wednesday! (and don’t forget to bring your thoughts on Alice Munro too…)


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