For February 2014 we will be reading ‘The Year of Magical Thinking – The Play’ and ‘After Life’ by Joan Didion.

Joan Didion (born December 5, 1934) is an American author best known for her novels and her literary journalism. Her novels and essays explore the disintegration of American morals and cultural chaos, where the overriding theme is individual and social fragmentation. A sense of anxiety or dread permeates much of her work.

This play is Didion’s own adaptation of her memoir, The Year of Magical Thinking about the death of her partner, the screenwriter John Gregory Dunne. The play, which also touches upon the death of Didion’s daughter – the subject of her memoir Blue Nights, was performed in New York in 2007 and then here in London in 2008 by Vanessa Redgrave.

Listen to an interview with Didion here in which she talks about the book ‘The Year of Magical Thinking’ and the play version we’ll be reading.

As always, get your copy from your local charity shopindependent bookshop or library – not Amazon! Looking forward to hearing what you all think! We are meeting at 7pm Wednesday, 12th Feb at X Marks the Bokship, Cambridge Heath Road, E2. 
You can download a PDF version of ‘After Life’ available here.

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