I’ve Never Read Her is back for a brief look at the short, the ambitious / ambiguous!

Join us on Friday 15th May (12-2pm) at Five Years Gallery as part of their HOW TO WRITE: READING GROUPS programme of events! 

We will take the (very short) short story ‘Leves Amores’ (1907) by Katherine Mansfield (previously read by INRH in 2011) as a starting point, and from that hope to create open discussion on being unclear, unbound.

The session will comprise of two parts; the first reading stories, extracts, poems from the list below; the second reading stories, extracts, poems, images brought in by the group.

We hope at some point there will be space / time for writing and drawing.
We encourage you to bring something along that you see to be ambitious / ambiguous
(on being unclear, unbound)!

All the reading
Leves Amores Katherine Mansfield
Orlando Virginia Woolf (extract)
Artful Ali Smith (extract)
Recreation Audre Lorde
The Man-Moth Elizabeth Bishop
Earthseed Octavia E. Butler

Download the handout here. More info about the Five Years Gallery programme here.

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